Metta Spencer

Vital Discussions of Human Security, 2012/2013

13 Sep 2012:
Wars Waged by the USA and Canada: Just, Unjust and Everthing In Between
Walter Dorn, Chair, Canadian Pugwash Group
2012-09-13 Walter Dorn lecture
20 Sep 2012:
Fixing Canada's Electoral System: Four Fallacies
Ellen Michelson, recent Green Party candidate
2012-09-20 Ellen Michelson lecture
27 Sep 2012:
Global Warming and Human Security: Food and Water
Danny Harvey, Professor of Geography, University of Toronto
2012-09-27 Danny Harvey lecture
4 Oct 2012:
Networked individualism
Barry Wellman, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto
2012-10-04 Barry Wellman lecture
11 Oct 2012:
Security for All: But How and at What Price?
Helmut Burkhardt, Professor of Physics Emeritus, Ryerson University
2012-10-11 Helmut Burkhardt lecture
18 Oct 2012:
Peacebuilding and Local Ownership
Timothy Donais, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
2012-10-18 Tim Donais lecture
25 Oct 2012:
A Cultural Approach to Human Security
Pia Kleber, Prof. of Drama, Comparative Literature, U of Toronto
2012-10-25 Pia Kleber lecture
1 Nov 2012:
Disasters Without Borders: The International Politics of Natural Disaster
John Hannigan, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto
2012-11-01 John Hannigan lecture
8 Nov 2012:
The Myth of the Muslim Tide
Doug Saunders, Journalist with _The Globe and Mail_
2012-11-08 Doug Saunders lecture
15 Nov 2012:
New Strategies for Dealing with Global Problems
Ron Craig, Prof of Communication & Design, Ryerson University
2012-11-15 Ron Craig lecture
22 Nov 2012:
Biochar and Food Security: Dealing with the Droughts
Lloyd Helferty, Engineering Technologist, Biochar Consultant
2012-11-22 Lloyd Helferty lecture
29 Nov 2012:
The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy
Metta Spencer, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, U of Toronto
2012-11-29 Metta Spencer lecture
10 Jan 2013:
Honour-Killings: Women's Safety in Honour-based Cultures
Aysan Sev'er, Professor Emerita of Sociology, U of Toronto
2013-01-10 Aysan Sev'er lecture
17 Jan 2013:
Toward a Billion More Trees in Ontario
John Bacher, Preservation of Agricultural Land, Ontario
2013-01-17 John Bacher lecture
24 Jan 2013:
What Makes Up an Actual, Working Democracy?
Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Your Canada, Your Constitution, Founder of Democracy Watch, Director of in Toronto
2013-01-24 Duff Conacher lecture
31 Jan 2013:
Lessons from Fukushima: Implications for Nuclear Safety International
Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Staff of Greenpeace in Toronto
2013-01-31 Shawn-Patrick Stensil lecture
7 Feb 2013:
The Sexual Slave Trade in Kosovo
Valerie Zawilski, Associate Prof. of Sociology, Western University
14 Feb 2013:
Competing Visions of Democracy in the Post-Soviet Space
Seva Gunitsky, Asst. Professor of Political Science, U of Toronto
2013-02-14 Seva Gunitsky lecture
28 Feb 2013:
The Nuclear Safety Issue
J.C. Luxat, Professor of Nuclear Safety, McMaster U, and Richard Denton, M.D. President, Physicians for Global Survival
7 Mar 2013:
Can We Be Free of Nuclear Weapons and Still Have Nuclear Power?
Gordon Edwards, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
2013-03-07 Gordon Edwards lecture
14 Mar 2013:
From "Feeding the World" to Sustainable Farming
Harriet Friedmann, Professor of Geography, U. of Toronto
2013-03-14 Harriet Friedmann lecture
21 Mar 2013:
The Making of Global Capitalism: The Canadian Model.
Leo Panitch, Professor of Political Science, York University
2013-04-04 Leo Panitch lecture
28 Mar 2013:
The Far Right in France
Jack Veugelers, Professor of Sociology, U. of Toronto
4 Apr 2013:
Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster
Peter Victor, Professor of Environmental Studies, York University
2013-04-04 Peter Victor lecture