Video archive

A series of 5 to 15 minute talks by Metta; please download first and then play through your computer's default movie app. (If you have a fast broadband connection, a fast computer, or both, you may be able to play straight from the link).

File size is between 42 and 220 megabytes, with most shows about 7 minutes in length and 100 megabytes.

1. Nobody's Grandmother
2. Choose Excellent 'Real' Problems
3. Life assigns your problems
4. Taking responsibility
5. Fromm, Riesman and me
6. Being "too American"?
7. Getting Closer to the Truth
8. Am I Choctaw?
9. Calera, Oklahoma in the Thirties
10. Toothpaste and Howard's widdler
11. A Switch in a Stocking
12. What if Democracy Doesnt Work?
13. Please Fix Democracy if You Can
14. Religion and Sex in Calera
15. Whatever happened to Howard Gardner?
16. To California and Hiroshima
17. Ted, Herschel, Don, and Glen
18. Buddhism & Bigotry
19. Growing Up
20. Of Loyalty and Loyalty Oaths
21. Regret
22. A Marriage
23. Character Change
24. Scientology
25. Becoming a Mother
26. Single Mom
27. Fidelity
28. Berkeley in the Sixties
29. University Village
30. Going to Harvard