Metta Spencer

This Nuclear Age, Winter 2015 series

7 Jan 2015:
The Origins of Nuclear Science
Marcin Kuzniak, Ph.D.
2015-01-07 Marcin Kuzniak lecture
14 Jan 2015:
Radiation's Health Effects
Cathy Vakil, M.D.
2015-01-14 Cathy Vakil lecture
21 Jan 2015:
Nuclear Fission and the Search For Defences
Professor John Valleau, University Of Toronto.
2015-01-21 John Valleau lecture
28 Jan 2015:
The Cold War and Nuclear Strategies
Ambassador Marius Grinius.
2015-01-28 Marius Grinius lecture
3 Feb 2015:
The Cuban Missile and Other Nuclear Crises
Vinay Jindal, M.D.
2015-02-03 Vinay Jindal lecture
11 Feb 2015:
Proliferation and Control Issues
Cesar Jaramillo of Project Ploughshares
2015-02-11 Cesar Jaramillo lecture
25 Feb 2015:
Rethinking Nuclear Weapons
Ms. Martha Goodings
2015-02-25 Martha Goodings lecture
4 Mar 2015:
Nuclear Power and Peaceful Nuclear Technology
Dr. Jeremy Whitlock, Atomic Energy of Canada
2015-03-04 Jeremy Whitlock lecture
11 Mar 2015:
Health, Uranium Mining, Managing Fissile Materials
Richard Denton, M.D. (Northern Ontario)
2015-03-11 Richard Denton lecture
18 Mar 2015:
Nuclear Energy's Future: Its Safety & Environment
Professor John Luxat, McMaster University
2015-03-18 John Luxat lecture
25 Mar 2015:
Alternative Energy: Finance, Environment, Health
Professor Jose Etcheverry, York University
2015-03-25 Jose Etcheverry lecture
1 Apr 2015:
Nuclear Activism: Past, Present, and Future
Neil Arya, M.D., McMaster University
2015-04-01 Neil Arya lecture