Metta Spencer

Vital Discussions of Human Security, 2015/2016 series

16 Sep 2015:
The South China Sea Peace Initiatives: Reviewing History and Regulatory Norms
Venilla Rajaguru, Doctoral Student, Science & Technology Studies, York University
2015-09-16 Venilla Rajaguru lecture
23 Sep 2015:
The Marshall Islands' Lawsuits: Seeking to 'stop this nuclear madness'
Debbie Grisdale, Independent Consultant with NGOs, Project Ploughshares
2015-09-23 Debbie Grisdale lecture
30 Sep 2015:
The Nuclear Agreement with Iran
Cesar Jaramillo, Executive Director, Project Ploughshares
2015-09-30 Cesar Jaramillo lecture
7 Oct 2015:
Bill C-51 and the Federal Election
Jack Gemmell, member, Law Union of Ontario Working Group on National Security
2015-10-07 Jack Gemmell lecture
14 Oct 2015:
A New State Ideology in Russia?
Leon Kosals, Professor of Economic Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
21 Oct 2015:
Democratic Peace-building in Schools
Kathy Bickmore, Professor, Curriculum Teaching & Learning, OISE
2015-10-21 Kathy Bickmore lecture
28 Oct 2015:
Crisis in the Desert: Who Rules the Sahara?
Martin Klein, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Toronto
2015-10-28 Martin Klein lecture
4 Nov 2015:
The Responsibility to Reconcile Violent Conflict
Jean de Dieu Basabose, Shalom Educating for Peace, Kigali, Rwanda
2015-11-04 Jean de Dieu Basabose lecture
11 Nov 2015:
The Internet Ecosystem, Multistakeholder Governance, and the IANA Transition
Samuel Lanfranco, Professor Emeritus of Economics, York U. and ICANN
2015-11-11 Sam Lanfranco lecture
18 Nov 2015:
Peace in the Congo: Pragmatic Action to Foster Conflict Resolution and Democracy.
Glenys Babcock, President of Pragmora, a Peacebuilding Organization
2015-11-18 Glenys Babcock lecture
25 Nov 2015:
Midwifing Change, Midwifing Peace
Lee Ann McKenna, Trainer, facilitator, mediator, author
2015-11-25 Lee Ann McKenna lecture
2 Dec 2015:
Why is Nuclear Power a Terrible Choice for Ontario?
Jim Harris, Journalist on Disruptive Innovation, Sustainability & Energy
2015-12-02 Jim Harris lecture
13 Jan 2016:
Violence and Uncivil Society: The Unmaking of Peace
Robert Massoud, Palestinian-Canadian Founder of Zatoun & Beit Zatoun, Toronto
2016-01-13 Robert Massoud lecture
20 Jan 2016:
Peace Through Retribution or Reconciliation?
Sorpong Peou, Chair, Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson U.
27 Jan 2016:
Educate, Advocate, Agitate!: Resisting Mining Injustice Across the Americas
Monica Gutierrez and Rachel Small, organizers with the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network.
3 Feb 2016:
Green Roofs and Green Walls
Brad Bass, Adjunct Professor, School of Environment, University of Toronto
10 Feb 2016:
Burying Uncertainty: Nuclear Waste Management in Canada
Brennain Lloyd, Project Coordinator, Northwatch
24 Feb 2016:
Loss of innocence? Physicists and the Atom Bomb
Daniela Monaldi, Course Director, Science and Technology Studies, York U.
2 Mar 2016:
Technologies for the Sustainable Development of Small Islands
Peter Meincke, President Emeritus, University of Prince Edward Island
9 Mar 2016:
Synthetic Genomics: Security and Ecology
Clement Kent, Department of Biology, York University
16 Mar 2016:
The Social Origins of Human Rights: Protesting Political Violence in Colombia's Oil Capital
Luis van Isschot, Asst. Professor of History, University of Toronto
23 Mar 2016:
Inter-War Period Discussions on Science
Katherine Anderson, Assoc. Professor, History of Science and Technology, York U.
30 Mar 2016:
Mediating Peace in Africa: Mediators in the Design of Peace Agreements. The Case of Sudan
Khalid Ahmed, Secretary General, Sudanese Canadian Human Rights Organization
6 Apr 2016:
Windows of Opportunity: How Women Seize Peace Negotiations for Political Change
Miriam Anderson, Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson U.